Supercharger Porting

One of the best bangs-for-the-buck (in dollar-per-horsepower terms) is porting your supercharger (and supercharger snout). What is blower porting? Well, briefly it's the process of modifying a forced induction system to optimize airflow and reduce turbulence within the supercharger. By enlarging (i.e. "hogging out") via our custom tuned CNC profiles and smoothing the internal surfaces (often by hand blending after the CNC process) of the blower, it allows for more air to be compressed and delivered to the engine at a faster rate. This results in increased horsepower, torque, and throttle response, making it an ideal performance upgrade for high-performance "modded" cars.

All of our blower packages include:

  • Disassembly and inspection of your supercharger case and snout including all bearings, rotor pack and associated hardware.
  • Thorough cleaning using both our ultrasonic parts washer and our special formulation of elbow grease.
  • 5-axis CNC snout and case treatment using our Centroid A560 5-axis CNC.
  • Hand blending where necessary for smooth transitions.
  • Final inspection, wash and re-assembly.

There's a couple things to note about our process:

  • We offer a rebuild service along with our porting services which replaces all bearings etc. This service is optional but we may require it depending on the condition of your blower/snout internals. We'll get with you if it's required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the lead time on getting my supercharger ported?

This is indeed our most asked question. The answer is:

Typically 2 weeks from the time we get the blower to the time it leaves our facility back to you IF THERE ARE NO SURPRISES.


  • You didn't include the label we asked you to include and we have to hunt down why this random blower showed up without any documentation. That may add time.
  • We open up your case and the rotor pack looks like it went on an all-metal diet. That will add time.
  • You buzz us up and want to change your hub/pulley setup? That may add time.

The point here is that the "2 week turnaround" means (ideally) less than 2 weeks inside our facility. It's often quicker but we still need to level set with clients so they are happy and we are happy :).

Which superchargers (and snouts) does XtremeCFM port?

We are currently support just about every "late model" GM LS or LT blower profile. The notable exception (for the moment is the LT5 (C7 ZR1) blower) which we don't yet support (although we do have prototype profiles that are making power).

Beyond that caveat here's the current list of supported blowers (and the associated snouts)

My blower is broken - Can you fix it?

Maybe. Get in touch with us to let us know what's wrong. We can often help but it really depends on what's damaged and how bad its damaged.

My blower was ported by another vendor. Can you port it again?

We can and we have before but it may or may not provide the performance increase that we typically see. The "porting over" routine works best if it's someone else's street port and you're going to our race port since we'll be taking more material out and it'll be closer to our finished product (but not the same).

Does blower porting actually do anything? Does it help?

Absolutely yes. Now, it requires "supporting mods" and tuning but blower porting is one of the best horsepower-per-dollar upgrades you can do. Couple it with a good cold air intake, ported heads and all of the other supporting mods and a 100+ horsepower add is attainable (depending on the platform, tune, etc).

Can you explain how the "shipping service" works with the superchargers?

Sure, the shipping service is all-inclusive and here's what it looks like:

  1. We ship you an empty box that's custom fit for your blower type.
  2. We give you a pre-paid label so you can ship it back to us.
  3. We get your blower hogged out, cleaned up and ready for action.
  4. We ship you back the box with your blower.

We highly recommend this service. We don't make a lot on this but it does help ensure your blower is packed correctly. They are heavy/bulky and generally hard to pack correctly without the right box/materials.