Performance Guides And Tools

  • griptec-pulleys

    C7 ZR1/LT5 Supercharger Boost Calculator

    Wondering what altering your upper and lower pulleys will do to your boost levels on your 2.65L LT5 supercharger? Apply the following boost calculator/estimator as a preliminary guide to understand how to adjust your boost to match your preferred power level.
  • hellcat

    Hellcat Supercharger Boost Calculator

    If you're intrigued by the impact of altering your upper and lower pulleys on your 2.4L Hellcat supercharger, the following boost calculator/estimator might be useful. This tool offers a rough guideline for how to optimize your boost according to your desired power level.

  • griptec-pulleys

    C6 ZR1/LS9 Supercharger Boost Calculator

    Curious about what changing your upper and lower pulleys will do to your boost levels on your 2.3L LS9 supercharger? Use the following boost calculator/estimator as a rough guide to see how to right-size your boost for your desired power level.
  • an-fittings

    AN Fitting Dimensions and Hose Size Reference

    In this guide, we will explore the dimensions of AN fittings, covering both male and female thread tables, corresponding AN sizes, equivalent nominal OD tube sizes, hose inner dimensions, and male fitting inner dimensions. We will specifically focus on AN sizes ranging from 4AN to 16AN.
  • griptec-pulleys

    LSA Supercharger Upper/Lower Pulley & Belt Guide

    Upper pulleys.. lower pulleys.. tensioners.. idlers and of course, BELTS! In the never ending search for the most boost at the lowest heat level we have to play the mix and match game to ensure our belt-train powering our LSA supercharger is working at its sweet spot. This guide is meant to help you in your LSA supercharger pulley selection, belt and idler selection.
  • ported-cylinder-heads

    GM LS Cylinder Head Cross Reference

    We've tried to boil down the GM part numbers, casting numbers and other LS cylinder head information into an easily usable (and ideally definitive) cross reference.