Ported & Assembled Cylinder Heads

A performance build is not complete without a set of smooth & shiny CNC precision molded intake and exhaust ports. If you're unfamiliar with head porting you can think of it as sculpting cylinder heads to flow to their peak potential and in the process our machinists ensure valve guides, valve seats, valves, springs and such are setup to ensure you get the most out of our high-end port.

We sell complete head packages that are either brand new or remanufactured as noted.

NOTE: We do not yet port end-user heads. We can provide head porting services for our dealers for dealer supplied heads.

Every one of our ported head packages includes:

  • Disassembly and inspection of the heads.
  • Thorough cleaning using both our ultrasonic parts washer and our special formulation of elbow grease.
  • Valve guide replacement (as needed) to provide a solid foundation (for remanufactured heads only)
  • 5-axis CNC port treatment using our Centroid A560 5-axis CNC.
  • Hand blending where necessary for smooth transitions.
  • Complete valve job (as needed) as part of our remanufacturing process (used heads only)
  • Final inspection, wash and re-assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you port my cylinder heads?

We only sell complete setup and assembled heads. We will buy your heads as cores if they meet our requirements if you are buying a set of our already assembled heads.

What cylinder heads does XtremeCFM port?

We are currently support just about every "late model" GM LS or LT head profile. Unless otherwise noted we can do intake/exhaust ports and chambers. Our expertise includes:

  • LS1/LS2/LS6 (cathedral port) castings: 243, 317 "truck heads" and 799. We do not yet support the 241 castings but plan to.
  • LS3 (rectangle port) castings: 821, 823 and 5364.
  • LS7/Z06 (rectangle port) castings: 8452 (and others).
  • LS9
  • LSA
  • LT1/LT4 (no chambers yet)

Do you do valve guide replacements for your remanufactured heads?

We absolutely do valve guide replacements. We check clearances on all guides to ensure they are within spec and replace guides as needed.

Do you deck your heads?

We deck each set of our for-sale heads to what we've found to be the best setup for the given head. Check the respective cylinder head product pages to see what decking configuration is provided.