LSA CNC Race Ported Blower & Rebuild (Max Effort)

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The LSA CNC race blower port is max-effort CNC treatment on your 1.9L LSA supercharger followed by a by-hand round of inspection and final polishing. We rebuild parts of the LSA blower case with a proprietary epoxy process to actually expand the space within the ported blower to allow for more air throughput.

Beyond porting the LSA blower itself we do a CNC porting treatment on the stock LSA snout using the same proprietary epoxy process. Additionally, we port the LSA snout to create a profile that easily accepts a 102mm/103mm throttle body.

Attention is paid to the case as we play with rotor timing to help setups with large cams and large air volume requirements. This upgrade typically picks up 70 - 90WHP on your "typical" build but its not uncommon for a radical setup to pick up 80-120WHP.

Our process for the blower porting includes:

  • LSA supercharger tear-down
  • Strip LSA supercharger of all bearings
  • Inspect bearings and blower case for flaws
  • Reconstruct the LSA blower case and snout
  • CNC port the LSA blower and CNC port the LSA snout
  • Perform manual ported LSA blower finish cleanup
  • Bathe LSA supercharger and snout in our Aqueous parts washer
  • Install new case and snout bearings
  • Install customers hub and pulley (or a new LSA pulley and hub can be purchased)
  • Fill rotor pack with new Eaton fluid
  • Install new manifold gaskets for a secure fit to your cylinder heads

Optional Shipping Box and Shipping Service (US Customers Only): If you choose to add the shipping box with shipping service, we will include the following to ensure the safe delivery of your freshly ported and rebuilt blower.

This option includes:

  • Cost of shipping the empty box to you
  • Prepaid shipping label and pre-molded poly foam for you to safely and conveniently send your blower to us
  • Cost of shipping back our empty box after you have received your blower