Nick Williams LSX 103mm Throttle Body (NA & Boosted)

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NOTE: There is an LSX (this version) and an LTX version of this throttle body. Please make sure you choose the correct version for your build.

You don't get to WOT without a throttle body and your typical stock throttle body just doesn't flow enough air to make WOT fun - especially in boosted applications. The Nick Williams LSX 103mm throttle body is the answer to most of the LSX builds out there. It's comprised of a 103mm diameter throttle opening with drive-by-wire motor and throttle blade.

This Nick Williams LTX 103mm throttle body replaces all previous versions of the older Nick Williams 102mm throttle body (boosted, non-boosted, NA, nw102 etc).

Nick Williams Performance redesigned their LSX 103mm throttle body with a new, stronger electric motor that prevents the throttle blade from closing under high boost levels. This Nick Williams throttle body is configured with a late model GM 6-pin connector and is available in aluminum or a black anodized finish.

Check out this video from our friends over at SDPC for a run down of the differences in the cable driven and drive-by-wire versions as well as the LSX/LTX versions.

Color: Natural billet (SD103) or black anodized (SD103BK)
Diameter: 103mm
Type: Drive-by-wire
Material: Aluminum

Brand: Nick Williams Performance