Chevy SS 4.5" Whipple Velocity Stack Cold Air Intake - Carbon Fiber

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Chevy SS 4.5" high flow velocity stack cold air intake for Whipple supercharger systems. Our custom designed kit features a CNC high velocity stack and an LS7 MAF flange. This setup is easy and ready to install in no time. Take advantage of getting rid of the factory restrictive mass air flow sensor and step up to an intake you will never outgrow.

If you have the new Nick Williams 103mm throttle body then you will need our throttle body adapter. The new Nick Williams hits the bypass valve so the new adapter allows you to rotate the throttle body out of the way.

90mm or 102mm/ 103mm throttle body couplers are sold separately.


  • 4.5" intake pipe
  • 5" air filter
  • rubber couplers
  • worm clamps