C6 ZR1 Corvette Corner Trunk Water/Ice Tank Kit

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Superchargers and turbochargers build boost and with boost building and air compression comes heat. Stock cooling systems like the C6 ZR1's 1 gallon factory water/ice tank just don't cut it when it comes to effectively cooling pull after pull. When your intake air temperature (IAT) reaches 140 degrees or so your ECU starts pulling timing (power) from your setup.

Our C6 ZR1 trunk water/ice tank system was designed specifically for your C6 ZR1 and includes all parts to get from the trunk to your engine bay including the Pierburg CWA400 pump.

This trunk system features a completely unique sump setup, improving water scavenging over the traditional flat tank designs. Unlike traditional mounting methods we use a plate mounting system so there are no brackets or mounts you will have to drill.

The tank holds a kiddie-pool sized 6.5 gallons of fluid and features a -10AN drain port. The drain kit itself is sold separately.

The system comes with everything you will need to get to the engine bay from the trunk including:

  1. 1x Trunk tank (including CWA400 pump)
  2. 1x Pump pigtail
  3. 2x -16AN 90-degree Hose Ends
  4. 3x Pinch clamps (large)
  5. 2x Pinch clamps (small)
  6. 1x Billet Y block to feed the inlets and
  7. 2x 1" Vibrant silicone hose (20-foot boxes)

To complete the intercooler connection you may need our engine connection line kit.

Capacity: 6.5 gallons
Color: Black powder coat
Material: Aluminum
Input connection: -16AN (male)
Output connection: -16AN (male)
Drain connection: -10AN (male)