Hellcat Supercharger Boost Calculator

If you're intrigued by the impact of altering your upper and lower pulleys on your 2.4L Hellcat supercharger, the following boost calculator/estimator might be useful. This tool offers a rough guideline for how to optimize your boost according to your desired power level.

The 2.4L Hellcat supercharger is a standard component in the Charger Hellcat, Challenger Hellcat, Jeep Trackhawk, RAM 1500 TRX Hellcat and Durango Hellcat.

Please note, boost levels are influenced by a variety of factors, such as temperature and humidity. This estimate is based on a linear mathematical correlation between stock boost and upper/lower pulley modification. The calculation presumes NO OTHER MODS beyond pulleys. Any changes to pulleys will necessitate a tuner to maximize the benefits of your aftermarket modifications.

We highly recommend Hellcat GripTec upper pulleys for optimal results.

Your Estimated Boost is: 11.0 PSI

Quick FAQ

Q: What's the stock Hellcat blower size? A: 2.4L

Q: What's the stock Hellcat upper pulley diameter? A: 3.35"

Q: What's the stock Hellcat lower pulley diameter? A: 8.184"

Q: What's the stock boost level for the 2.4L Hellcat blower?? A: ~11.5 PSI

  • 2.75 inch GripTec V2 Hellcat Blower Pulley (ZPE Hub)
    GripTec V2 Hellcat Blower Pulley (For ZPE Hub)
  • Griptec Hellcat Pulley Hub
    GripTec ZPE MKII Hub for Hellcat Blower Pulleys

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