A True Revival: The Transformation of a Classic Camaro

When you hear the word Camaro, images of American muscle, roaring engines, and burnout tire smoke probably flood your mind. Well, we’ve got a story that encompasses all that and more. Today, we're diving into the belly of a beast, a project that transformed a humble barn find into a monster of the strip and street.

From Central Kansas to Hannibal, Missouri

The protagonist of our story, Mr. Brian Murta, is a Kansas native who fell head over heels in love with a certain 1969 Camaro. This wasn’t a factory-fresh ZL1, no. This was a car with a past, a history — and a charm only time can bestow.

Our hero purchased the car in 2011 from a friend in Pennsylvania who could no longer care for it. On paper, it was a humble 307, 3-speed car with a 10 bolt rear. However, what stood out was its curious original color scheme - Hugger Orange paint with a brown vinyl top, and a white interior decked out in black houndstooth. An odd combination, yet oddly appealing.

69 LS Swapped LSA Supercharged Camaro

The Camaro Reborn: A Journey of Transformation

Fast-forward to 2021, our hero found himself convinced by another friend to resuscitate the car from its long slumber. With the heart of a 2006 GMC Yukon Denali, an LQ4 block to be precise, the car roared back to life. The transformation was set in motion, spurred on by the infectious energy of LS Fest 2022.

Just like every good story, there's always a "but". The LS Fest awakened a dormant monster within our protagonist, stirring a need for power and speed. This led to an overhaul of the car’s bones and flesh. A shift from a cruiser to a force to be reckoned with — a forced Induction beast.

The Chassis: Where Strength Meets Flexibility

The foundation of any good muscle car is its chassis. This build boasts a stock sub frame, enhanced with bolt-in sub frame connectors. The frame houses an 8-point chromoly cage, with swing-out door bars — a testament to the raw power it's designed to contain. LS9-inspired, Ron G’s custom valved, double adjustable front coil-over shocks, and QA1 drag race tubular upper and lower a-arms, provide unparalleled handling and control. This setup, stripped of the front sway bar, is a testament to our hero’s need for speed.

69 LS Swapped LSA Supercharged Camaro

The Engine: Heart of the Beast

From the outside, this Camaro might look like another classic, but pop the hood and you'll find an Iron 4" bore 6.0-liter block. This LS-swap is sporting a factory LQ4 crankshaft, Texas Speed H Beam rods with ARP L19 rod bolts, and JE Forged aluminum pistons. The beastly block is capped off with Precision Race CNC ported LS3 heads and a Brian Tooley Stage II PDS Camshaft. Our good friend the GM LS7 makes an appearance here with its lifters, while a Melling high-volume oil pump keeps the lifeblood flowing. Talk about a power-packed performance!

69 LS Swapped LSA Supercharged Camaro

This power plant is fed by a fuel system designed to support the beastly engine. With Bosch 210# flow matched injectors, polished billet Aeroflow return-style fuel rails, and all Redhorse performance -8 fittings and 1/2" feed and return lines, this muscle car is ready for action.

A Blend of Beauty and Brawn

What's beauty without a little bling? The owner’s love for polished billet is evident in the choice of a XtremeCFM billet LS9 style intercooler lid. This crown jewel isn't just for looks, it increases efficiency and provides more power, a testament to the owner's unerring taste and commitment to performance.

Performance That Speaks Volumes

All the build specs and technical details don't mean a thing without performance. Well, our beast doesn't disappoint, pushing out 713 RWHP on MS109 @ 15 lbs of boost. With some smaller pulleys, there's potential for even more power. However, our hero prefers the street to the strip, hence increasing boost isn't a priority. Yet, with plans to run in the 10.5 class at LS Fest, who knows what the future might hold?

69 LS Swapped LSA Supercharged Camaro

So, that’s the tale of a classic Camaro restored and reborn. From its origins in Pennsylvania, through its slumber in Kansas, to its transformation in Missouri, this is a testament to the timeless appeal of American muscle. This story isn’t about XtremeCFM, but we’re proud to have played a part in this next-level transformation. After all, it's builds like these that make our jobs worthwhile!

The Nitty Gritty


  • Stock Sub frame
  • Bolt in sub frame connectors
  • 8 point chromoly cage with swing out door bars
  • Ron G custom valved double adjustable front coil over shocks
  • QA1 drag race tubular upper and lower a arms
  • Front sway bar eliminated
  • Custom steel driveshaft with 1350 u joints and chromoly slip and differential yokes
  • GM 12 bolt rear end
  • Quick Performance 30 spline 1541H custom alloy axles with 1/2" 3 inch long studs
  • Auburn Carrier 3:73 Richmond ring & pinion
  • Ron G custom valved double adjustable rear shocks relocated inboard
  • 2" steel lowering blocks
  • Factory multi leaf springs
  • Calvert Racing Cal Trac bars

69 LS Swapped LSA Supercharged Camaro


  • Iron 4" bore 6.0 liter block
  • Factory LQ4 crank shaft
  • Texas Speed H Beam rods w/ ARP L19 rod bolts
  • JE Forged aluminum pistons
  • Precision Race CNC ported LS3 heads
  • Brian Tooley Stage II PDS Camshaft
  • GM LS7 Lifters
  • Melling high volume oil pump
  • Brian Tooley rocker trunion upgrade
  • Brian Tooley 7.40" hardened pushrods
  • Kong Performance CNC Race X ported 1.9 liter LSA blower
  • XtremeCFM billet LSX/LS9 style intercooler lid
  • XtremeCFM billet -12AN inlets
  • XtremeCFM billet LSA adapter kit
  • XtremeCFM billet high flow inlet adapters
  • C&R Racing LS9/ZR1 cooling bricks
  • 10 Rib 2.55" upper pulley
  • 10 Rib DSX Tuning billet 8.86" lower pulley
  • LSX Concepts billet dedicated LSA race drive
  • Billet 102mm DBC throttle body
  • Roto-Fab custom LSA intake
  • Bosch 210# flow matched injectors
  • Polished billet Aeroflow return style fuel rails
  • All Redhorse performance -8 fittings and 1/2" feed and return lines
  • Dual Aeromotive 450LPH fuel pumps
  • 4L60E Transmission w/ custom Farrer-Out Transmission Trans Brake
  • Holley Terminator X Max engine management 

A HUGE thanks to this beast's owner Brian Murta and to Aaron Sill for the great pics of Brian's 69 Camaro.

  • LSX Supercharger Intercooler Lid-XtremeCFM-
    LSX Supercharger Intercooler Lid
    From $1,074.95
    From $1,074.95 $1,345.00

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  • ZPE's MKII Hub For LSA/LS9/LT4 Blower Pulley Mounting
    GripTec ZPE MKII Hub (LSA/LS9/LT4/LT5) Blower Pulleys
  • Nick Williams 103mm Adjustable Rotating Throttle Body Adapter-XtremeCFM-103mm Straight (Single Gasket)-XCFM-10404
    Nick Williams 103mm Adjustable Rotating Throttle Body Adapter

    1 total reviews

  • 2.50 Inch GripTec ZPE Hub LSA Blower Pulley.
    GripTec LSA / ZL1 Blower Pulley (For ZPE Hub)

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  • Billet Hose Menders Black Anodized-XtremeCFM-0.75" ID Hose Mender-XCFM-10000
    Billet Hose Menders Black Anodized
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    From $9.95

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  • Eaton Supercharger Isolator Coupling (LSA/LS9)-Eaton-ETN-ISO-361506
    Eaton Supercharger Isolator Coupling (LSA/LS9)
  • Billet Y-Block - Barbed Hose Ends-XtremeCFM-0.5" to Dual 0.5" Billet-Y Barbed Hose Ends-XCFM-10414
    Billet Y-Block - Barbed Hose Ends
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    From $45.95
  • Nick Williams Performance LSX 103mm Throttle Body and Hardware.
    Nick Williams LSX 103mm Throttle Body (NA & Boosted)
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    From $689.95
  • Vibrant 0.75" 3/4" 12AN Hose By The Foot
    Vibrant Silicone Hose 3/4" - 12AN - 0.750" - 2045
    From $9.95
    From $9.95 $156.99
  • Synergy Motorsports LSA Supercharger Adapter Plate
    ZR1/LSX Lid LSA Billet Adapter/Spacer Plate Kit

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