ZR1/LSX Lid LSA Billet Adapter/Spacer Plate Kit

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We designed the Billet LSA Adapter/Spacer Plate to provide the ability to convert any LSA style blower to a ZR1 style twin-brick intercooler system for a massive upgrade in both flow and cooling.

By adding our LSX supercharger lid to your LSA blower you eliminate the air flow and cooling limitation from a single LSA intercooler brick and you have the ability to move air just like the LS9 supercharger.

An LSA adapter plate is required to use our LSX supercharger lid (or any LS9 style lid) on a LSA style supercharger because the LS9 style lid has different intercooler brick sealing pattern than the LSA. The LSA adapter plate will create the seal needed to ensure the air passes efficiently through the intercooler bricks instead of out the runners.

This kit includes:

  1. Billet LSA adapter/spacer plate (x1)
  2. Longer lid installation bolts (to account for the added height) (x17)
  3. Blower lid gasket (x1)

The kit does not include (but you may need depending on your setup):

  1. Lower brick seal gaskets (x2)
Material: Aluminum
Thickness: 10mm