Lingenfelter ZR1 (C6) Supercharger (LPE) Snout RAW Casting

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NOTE: This is for the unassembled Lingenfelter "LPE" snout casting. You'll need to supply and install all of the appropriate parts (bearings, shaft, butterfly, hub etc) from your stock LS9 snout. If you'd like us to do the transplant of your parts that's an option as well. Just reach out to us directly for details.

Are you looking or increased horse power? The Lingenfelter C6 ZR1 LS9 supercharger snout (LPE snout) or supercharger front cover reduces pressure drop and increases horsepower on stock and higher pulley ratio applications.

Lingenfelter has seen chassis dyno results of 30 horsepower rear wheel gain over the stock snout on a ZR1 paired with an upper pulley kit.

The Lingenfelter front supercharger cover casting was designed to provide a more direct path for airflow from the throttle body to the supercharger. This reduces inlet restriction resulting in increased boost and reduced supercharger work, parasitic losses and outlet temperature.

The cover is cast from 356T6 aluminum, 100% leak checked using OEM decay type leak checking process. Casting has also been designed to allow for the use of larger throttle bodies up to 102 mm with no machining required.

Feel free to check out the installation instructions for the LPE snout.

Part Number: L250636109