Billet Y-Block - Barbed Hose Ends

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Our Billet High-Flow Y-Blocks are an elegant combination of style and practicality, designed to efficiently manage water or coolant lines. This Y-Block sports an eye-catching anodized black finish making it a visually appealing and reliable choice for any setup.

Featuring a a variety of input/output diameters, this Billet High-Flow Y-Block streamlines your plumbing process by minimizing the need for extra fittings in creating a custom Y-Block. The user-friendly design ensures a seamless installation, as all you need to do is slide your hose directly onto the outlet ports and secure it with the supplied pinch clamps. Experience the perfect blend of top-notch performance and refined aesthetics

Material: Aluminum
Finish: Black anodized
Input A: Single 1" barb end (accepts 1" ID hose) OR single 3/4" barb end (accepts 3/4" ID hose)
Input B: Dual 3/4" barb end (accepts 3/4" ID hose)