GripTec LT5 / ZR1 Blower Pulley (For ZPE Hub)

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ZR1 Supercharger Pulley Size

NOTE: This is the PULLEY ONLY.

Tweak your boost levels with this GripTec "upper" pulley upgrade for your 2.6L LT5 supercharger. The stock LT5 blower came on C7 Corvette ZR1s and this bolt-on upgrade allows you to change the spin-rate of the ZR1's supercharger. A Griptec upper pulley upgrade is a cheap and effective way to boost power.

ZPE (the company behind the GripTec pulley system) has their own mounting "hub" (the ZPE hub) that's required to use this LT5 pulley. If you already have the ZPE hub you can simply buy a pulley by itself. Otherwise you can buy a pulley and hub combo or you can buy a hub separately. The hub comes with a set of 10 titanium screws for weight savings and strength.

ZPE's MKII Hub For LS9/ZR1 Blower Pulleys

The GripTec pulleys are made from billet 7075-T6 aerospace grade aluminum which is Stronger and harder than 6061-T6. What makes these Corvette ZR1 (C7) pulleys really shine is the "GripTec" technology that's applied during the machining process.

GripTec Micro Machining Tech For LS9/ZR1 Supercharger Pulleys

GripTec is a micro-machining technology that allows for maximum grip force to be applied to the ZR1's supercharger pulley without damaging your blower belt. More importantly the GripTec technology essentially deletes belt slip on the LT5 blower allowing all of the crank's power to be transferred to your blower via the pulley.

GripTec Level: V2 (Coated)
Hub: ZPE (10 Bolt M5)
Ribs: 11
Color: Black
Finish: Type III Anodized, Class 2, Hard Coat