Lingenfelter LPE Hub for (LSA/LS9) Griptec & LPE Blower Pulleys

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If you are using the GripTec LPE pulleys for your LSA or LS9 supercharger then it is necessary to have a LPE Hub. If you are using a ZPE MKII pulley you will want the ZPE Hub not this LPE Hub.

This hub supports:

A Griptec upper pulley upgrade is a cheap and effective way to boost power.

The hub comes with a set of 10 screws for weight for mounting your blower pulley.

To install the 10 bolt hub you must remove your supercharger snout or front cover and use a pulley puller to remove the stock pulley. You must machine clearance on the front cover before the new 10 bolt hub can be pressed onto your stock OE supercharger shaft.