ZR1 (C6) LS9 Intercooler Brick Upper Insulator (12609471)

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Chevy Corvette ZR1 (C6) GM OEM LS9 style intercooler brick gasket / upper insulator (12609471). These gaskets seal the intercooler brick and its surrounding area to the supercharger's intercooler lid. These gaskets work with both OEM and aftermarket intercooler bricks as well as aftermarket lids that are designed to house LS9 stock-style bricks.

A supercharger brick gasket is specifically designed to seal the intercooler core, ensuring that there are no air leaks and that the system maintains proper boost pressure. This gasket is essential for maintaining the supercharger's performance and preventing issues such as boost leaks or reduced efficiency.

GM Part Number: 12609471
Material: Silicone