Fuel Pump Pre-Filter

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Boost the longevity and efficiency of your fuel system with our Black Anodized Aluminum Fuel Pump Pre-Filters. Available in two variants to cater to diverse applications, these filters are designed to safeguard your fuel pump and injectors from damaging particulates.

Choose between our -6AN X M18 1.5 Thread and -8AN X M18 1.5 Thread versions, according to your system's specific requirements. Constructed from high-grade black anodized aluminum for optimal durability and corrosion resistance, these pre-filters are designed to stand up to the rigors of any automotive environment.

Whether you're aiming for improved performance, protection, or simply peace of mind, these fuel pump pre-filters are an invaluable addition to your fuel system. Their easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of fuel pump models make them a go-to solution for both mechanics and enthusiasts alike. With these pre-filters, you can keep your fuel clean and your engine running smoothly, mile after mile.