EMP Pump (WP29/WP32) Brushless Electric Water Pump

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The EMP pump (WP29/32) is a high performance, long life and severe duty electric water pump used in cooling systems in extreme environments. The EMP pump is used in the transit bus market, off road applications, power grid battery cooling, stationary power generation and roof mounted cooling systems. For all these reasons these pumps are extremely useful in boosted applications to drive the intercooler systems coupled to a high-capacity water tank and high efficiency heat exchangers/bricks.

Think about it.. These pumps are used in public buses to ensure cranky commuters are kept cool to avoid full civil unrest. Your 6.2L LSX block with a ported blower, ice tank and aftermarket cooling bricks is like a walk in the park for this beast of a pump.

These EMP pumps have brushless, permanent magnet motors are combined with a Stewart/EMP designed motor control electronics to provide a high efficiency, long life pump. Brushless motors have no contacting parts to wear and reduce life. Features include locked rotor protection, over temperature protection, and over current protection.

can also reprogram your Stewart EMP pump. While all pumps come programmed from the factory at 4600 RPM and 20 amps we can adjust them lower (or higher if they were previous detuned).

Model Numbers: EMP-E2512A / WP29 / WP32
Voltage: 12V
RPM: 4600 @ 20A