Eaton Supercharger Isolator Coupling (LSA/LS9)

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The supercharger isolator is part of the supercharger drive assembly and is located in the supercharger snout. The factory spring loaded isolator in the LSA / LS9 superchargers is a known failure point. This EATON Supercharger Isolator Coupling is a higher quality upgrade.

When an isolator is failing, you may notice at idle a rattling sound from the supercharger that may decrease in severity with RPM. The OEM isolator installed at the factory contains a spring mechanism and is notorious for noise and a short service life. Regardless of severity of sound, the isolator should be replaced and the Eaton solid style isolator is a must-have upgrade.

Note that these couplers are often copied so beware of knock-offs and opt for only Eaton produced solid isolators.

This replacement coupler is manufactured by the Eaton Corporation for GM, and as an OEM part that installs as a direct replacement for the original.

Part Number: EAT-361506