C6 Corvette ZR1 Carbon Fiber High Flow 4.5" Cold Air Intake

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NOTE: The 4.5" cold air intake is designed for the Lingenfelter LPE supercharger snout only.

Our 4.5" C6 ZR1 cold air intake is proven both in our own extensive testing and where it matters most - on the street, track and runway. The ZR1 intake is used by many cars in the 900-1000WHP range and has even gone 230MPH in a standing mile run on a 1300WHP ZR1.

Beyond raw performance for high-horsepower applications our ZR1 intake has proven itself to be the best intake for drivability as well. Where other larger-bore or flared-bore intakes introduce surging and trailer-hitching our intake delivers smooth motor and power response throughout the RPM band.

Need a replacement filter? Use our custom 4.5" Green Filter purpose built for this intake. Already have our metal intake tube and want to upgrade to carbon fiber? Trade in your old metal tube for carbon fiber!

Color: Black
Material: Carbon Fiber
Diameter: 4.5"
Supported throttle bodies: 90mm, 102mm-108mm, 112mm