C6 Corvette ZR1/Z06 Engine Bay Expansion/Water Tank Kit

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If you are looking for a complete cooling system for the Corvette ZR1's 2.3L LS9 blower system this is a great place to start. The install is easy to moderate which makes it great for anyone with a ZR1.

We all know that boost creates heat and the measly 1 gallon expansion tank that comes with the ZR1 stock just won't cut it when you're looking to have consistent performance. The intercooler coolant temps directly affect performance and if intake air temps (IATs) go above 140 degrees or so your ZR1 will actually detune itself power-wise to compensate.

This kit is an out-of-the box upgrade for the stock system which includes everything you need to expand the stock 1 gallon to a full 3 gallons (1 gallon stock + the 2 gallon expansion included in this kit). Collectively, this water tank kit includes: