C6 Corvette Fender Catch Can Breather System

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C6 Corvette Fender Catch Can Breather System is a very robust setup for those looking to make big power without sacrificing engine breathing and catch can mounting due to engine space. The system is a fully closed loop system, just like the OEM setup, but with much more. The valve covers are converted to -10an breather lines over the factory -6an sizing allowing much more air to flow out of them. The valley plate and the dry sump are also vented to the catch can as well. The closed loop system allows the blower and the cold air bridge to work like factory, and draw out all the air in the engine and provide proper ring seal on the pistons as well. In the event that there is too much pressure in the system, the check valve filter breathers will allow any excess air in the system to vent quickly, and return back to full closed loop operation. No more are the days of catch cans venting constant smoke in your fender or engine bay as you drive, and the smell of those systems can really become an issue for most.

The system is shipped with the Catch Can, all -10an lines and -6an lines as well. All fittings are provided and even provided in the kit is the OEM quick connect fittings you will find on the stock PCV lines so the installation is clean, and well thought out.

The catch can also has a -8an drain port in which is routed to the lower rocker panel with a -8an Bulkhead for easy draining of the catch can when needed after a day of hard racing. With multiple AN ports on the catch can, there is no limit as to how you can setup this catch can with any setup you throw at it.

Custom baffles inside the catch can direct the flow or air and oil into the can and down to the base of the catch can. The air is the drawn out, routed past another set of baffles, so as to have clean air leaving the catch can. The lower can design allows any oil and moisture to be directed to the -8an drain so you know everything will be removed when needed.

Included in this kit:

  • 30 feet -6AN braided hose
  • 15 feet -10AN braided hose
  • 1x -6 AN cap
  • 1x -8 AN cap
  • 1x -10 AN cap
  • 2x -6 AN braided 90 degree
  • 2x -6 AN braided 60 degree
  • 4x -10 AN braided 90 degree
  • 1x -8 AN bulkhead
  • 2x -8 AN nut
  • 2x -8 AN 45 degree push lock
  • 3x 10mm 90 degree Bundy fitting
  • 3x 10mm straight Bundy fitting
  • 2x 10mm 30 degree Bundy fitting
  • 6x shrink clamp
  • 2x shrink clamp
  • 2x M8 bolt
  • 2x M8 lock nut
  • 6x M8 washer
  • 1x GM bumper clip
  • 2 feet -8AN push lock hose sections
  • 2x -10 AN male weld-on fitting