C6 Corvette ZR1 -12AN Water Inlets

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Our C6 ZR1 Billet Water Inlets help feed cold water directly to your LS9 lid's intercooler bricks. With -12AN hose for simple and secure connections our inlets are an easy and efficient upgrade. Our newest version of our inlet set has a bore of .700 all the way through for more flow. Couple the inlets with our high-flow inlet adapters and upgraded intercooler bricks for even more cooling capacity.

Our Billet Water Inlets for your C6 ZR1 LS9 Lid setup. Utilizing a true -12AN Male for each In/Out port. Option to add our High Flow Adapters as well.

We have limited 'S' logo inlets left in stock so please specify the XtremeCFM logo or the S logo and we'll accommodate if we can!

Material: Aluminum
Finish: Natural billet, or black anodized
Connection: -12AN