C7 Corvette Z06 Bumper Expansion/Water Tank Complete Kit

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Your C7 Z06's stock intercooler system is... inadequate. The stock setup comes with a baby bottle's worth of coolant and when you are doing pulls that tiny amount simply isn't enough to absorb and reject heat. When your intake air temperature (IAT) reaches 140 degrees or so your ECU starts pulling timing (power) from your setup.

Our C7 Z06 expandable bumper tank system can be used as a single tank (2.5 gallons on the passenger side to replace the stock baby bottle) or as a complete twin-tank setup (driver and passenger side) to yield a full 5-gallons of water tank capacity.

This system can be used with the stock heat exchanger or coupled with a high efficiency heat exchanger made specifically for high performance Z06 applications to get the most of our your factory or aftermarket blower.

Additionally, this water tank system is designed to be plug and play, complete with pre-made lines and fittings for easy install.

Capacity: 2.5 gallon (1 passenger tank), 5 gallons (driver and passenger tanks)
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum