6th Gen Camaro ZL1 Fender Expansion/Water Tank Kit

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Your Gen6 Camaro ZL1's stock intercooler system is... insufficient. The stock setup comes with a tiny amount of fluid and when you are doing pulls that tiny amount simply isn't enough to absorb and reject heat. When your intake air temperature (IAT) reaches 140 degrees or so your ECU starts pulling timing (power) from your setup.

Our ZL1 fender-mount water tank was designed specifically for the 6th generation ZL1 and fits inside the driver's side fender in a 100% stealth setup away from the heat of the engine bay.

This ZL1 expansion tank installs very easily and usually without removing the fender. All hoses and quick connects are included in the kit and install is as simple as tapping in to two fittings. There's also a top-side bleeder for easy tank fill.

Capacity: 2 gallons
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum