Nick Williams 103mm Adjustable Rotating Throttle Body Adapter

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This game-changing throttle body adapter allows you to effortlessly mount and rotate your throttle body, providing the ultimate flexibility to navigate around obstacles with ease. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to mind-blowing engine performance!

While our clocking throttle body adapter has been expertly crafted to work seamlessly with Whipple superchargers, ensuring proper bypass valve clearance and improved airflow it easily adapters to other use-cases and obstacles.

With its expanding taper from 103mm to 110mm, this versatile adapter is a must-have for any high-performance setup, giving you the freedom to optimize your engine for maximum horsepower and torque.

Features include:

  • Front and back O-rings
  • no RTV or glue needed with this setup
  • Front 103mm opening tapering to a 110mm back opening

Material: Aluminum
Color: Black

Min Inner Dimension: 103mm
Max Inner Dimension: 110mm

Max Outer Dimension: 5.65"
Thickness: 12mm