C&R Racing Corvette ZR1 (C6) Intercooler Bricks - UC-SPK007B

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C&R Racing's LS9 intercooler brick (CR-UC-SPK007B) for the C6 ZR1's LS9 engine uses bar-and-plate technology developed by PWR's defense and aerospace division to provide THE BEST performing heat extraction available on the market. These LS9 bricks, while larger than stock, fit directly into the ZR1 lid.

Beyond the supercharger intercooler bricks, you should consider upgrading your LS9 primary heat exchanger as well which acts as the other side of the heat intercooler system. Together, the heat exchanger and brick setup is the best way to get heat out of a boosted system.

We've done extensive research on ZR1 cooling systems and the C&R bricks in particular and there simply isn't a better intercooler brick setup than the C&R solution. More info on our testing follows.

Part Number: CR-UC-SPK007B

NOTE: All warranty handling is done via C&R Racing/PWR directly