What's The Point of AN Fittings Anyway?

The point of AN fittings is to provide a leak-proof, high-performance connection in your vehicle's fuel, oil, or coolant lines. These fittings are crucial in race cars, high-performance vehicles, and even in aerospace applications!

Picture this: you've just installed a supercharger on your Corvette for that adrenaline rush. However, a leaky oil line causes your dream machine to sputter and choke. All that power, held back by a simple fitting! An AN fitting would have prevented this heartbreak.

AN fittings ensure your cooling system, oil lines, and fuel system are running with the efficiency of a well-tuned Camaro engine.

Can I Get An Amen for AN?

Imagine a world without AN fittings. Picture this: you're in a movie-worthy car chase in your CTS-V (hypothetically speaking, of course), and suddenly you're trailing oil. No, you're not trying to throw off your pursuers with an oil slick - it's a lousy hose connection! Thanks to AN fittings, this B-movie disaster can stay on the silver screen where it belongs.

With their roots in the military, AN fittings are as tough as a LS9 engine. They can handle pressure better than a LSA-equipped drag racer at the starting line.

The Perfect Fit(ting) for Your Ride

Whether you're driving a ZL1 or a Chevy SS, AN fittings are an investment in reliability. Like adding a throttle body for better airflow or a GripTec pulley for improved belt grip, AN fittings are an upgrade you can count on.

Q: Why are AN fittings better than standard fittings?
A: AN fittings offer superior sealing and can handle high pressure and temperature. They are also easier to install and remove than standard fittings.

Q: Can I use AN fittings in any car?
A: Yes, AN fittings can be used in any vehicle that requires a secure, high-performance hose connection.

Q: Do AN fittings need special hoses?
A: AN fittings require hoses that match their specifications, like our automotive hoses, for a perfect, secure fit.

Q: How do I know what size of AN fitting I need?
A: The size of an AN fitting corresponds to the outer diameter of the hose it's meant to fit. For instance, an AN-6 fitting is for a 3/8-inch hose.

From the humble G8 GT to the fearsome C7 Z06, every vehicle can benefit from the secure, high-performance connections that AN fittings offer. Because in the end, it's the little things that hold your ride together. Literally!

  • -16 AN / Push Lock Hose End-XtremeCFM-120 Degree -16AN / Push Lock Hose End-XCFM-10368
    -16 AN / Push Lock Hose End
    From $15.95
    From $15.95
  • -12 AN / Push Lock Hose End-XtremeCFM-90 Degree -12AN / Push Lock Hose End-XCFM-10043
    -12 AN / Push Lock Hose End
    From $10.95
    From $10.95
  • Weld-On High Flow Belled Male AN Fittings-XtremeCFM-16AN Male-XCFM-10116
    Weld-On High Flow Belled Male AN Fittings
    From $6.95
    From $6.95
  • Weld-On -16AN Male to 1 Inch Barb-XtremeCFM-XCFM-10314
    Weld-On -16AN Male to 1 Inch Barb
  • -6 AN / Braided Hose End-XtremeCFM-120 Degree -6AN / Braided Hose End-XCFM-10390
    -6 AN / Braided Hose End
    From $8.95
    From $8.95
  • -12 AN Female To -16 Male AN Adapter-XtremeCFM-XCFM-10037
    -12 AN Female To -16 Male AN Adapter
  • Male To Female 90 Degree Elbow -12 AN JIC Adapter-XtremeCFM-XCFM-10151
    Male To Female 90 Degree Elbow -12 AN JIC Adapter
  • Fuel Pump Pre-Filter-XtremeCFM-6AN-XCFM-10135
    Fuel Pump Pre-Filter
    From $19.95
    From $19.95 $24.95
  • Tank-Drain Valve (-10AN Male to -10AN Male)-XtremeCFM-XCFM-10036
    Tank-Drain Valve (-10AN Male to -10AN Male)
  • AN Flare Cap-XtremeCFM-4 AN Flare Cap-XCFM-10051
    AN Flare Cap
    From $3.95
    From $3.95

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