Vibrant Performance Hose - Now Available By The Foot!

Hey gearheads! We've got some wicked news for you. We're now offering Vibrant Performance Automotive Hoses "by the foot"! That's right, no more dealing with awkwardly long or short hoses. We're giving you the power to choose the exact length you need for your ride.

Our selection of Vibrant hoses comes in various sizes, from 6AN (3/8") all the way up to 16AN (1"), and in materials like silicone, braided, and more. We're confident that you'll find the perfect hose for your high-performance application.

We know how annoying it can be to wrestle with ill-fitting hoses. That's why we're so stoked about this game-changing approach. Now you can measure, order, and install the ideal length of hose without any hassle. How cool is that?

Yeah, it might sound a bit unconventional, but we're all about pushing boundaries and having a little fun while doing it. So, why not join us in celebrating this awesome update to our hose offerings?

Don't hesitate to check out our Vibrant hose selection or hit up our customer service team for more info. We're here to help you achieve automotive greatness with a side of laughter. Let's get those engines purring, folks!

Happy wrenching!

  • Vibrant 0.75" 3/4" 12AN Hose By The Foot
    Vibrant Silicone Hose 3/4" - 12AN - 0.750" - 2045
    From $9.95
    From $9.95 $156.99
  • 1" 16AN Vibrant Silicone Hose
    Vibrant Silicone Hose 1" - 16AN - 2047
    From $10.95
    From $10.95 $196.99
  • Vibrant 10AN 0.625 5/8" Heater Hose
    Vibrant Silicone Hose 5/8" - 10AN - 0.625" - 2044
    From $8.95
    From $8.95 $146.99